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sooo! I finally got all test pieces working and new batch of materials, so I’ll drop this here too if someone’s interested!

- two-piece lacquered plastic charms with plastic beads

- approx charm height 6cm

- custom charms can be characters from any show or ocs and you can choose any colors from the straps and beads I have. customs are unique for you, but you can do a group share; ask for more info!

- international payments via paypal, bank transfer in finland; shipping goes around 1-2e for one order

(pystyn myös diilaamaan näitä naamatusten, esimerkiksi marraskuun taidekuja -tapahtumaan!)

you can contact me in twitter or with email (marsunpapana[a]hotmail[d]com) , I won’t trust tumblr with messaging. thanks and see ya!

Anonymous asked:
i tend to worry a little when i see you post something emotional... because you really do matter alot, and i don't ever want to give up knowing you and everyone else of the twitgak (yes, that good ol' place) people that i was introduced to. you and those others have made my life so much better and i would never have felt as confident of my own art nor risen from my depression if i hadn't met you. bless you and every bit of cheese you stand for

oh noo you don’t need to worry about me.. I’m just pretty emotional and vent drawings get usually really exaggerated. ;;;;

and aaa that’s so great and reviling to hear..!! I’m glad I’ve been able to bring good things to your life, I hope things continue going to the better direction, twitgak power!! ; v ;

Anonymous asked:
I just made a fort in my dorm room to hide from responsibilities. Also I'm watching Ben 10 for the first time since I was ten.

I hope it’s a comfy fort, can I join you—
ooh, I’ve kinda been meaning to watch it too since I saw one episode a while ago (….well, I think it was two years ago….. but still)

Anonymous asked:
we'll see

o~o now you got me curious….. ( you don’t need to force yourself if you don’t want to;;;; )

Anonymous asked:
there's something embarassing i should tell you face to face

?? ooh, tell it when we see each other?